Cancer Is Now The No. 1 Killer In The U.S.

Cancer has surpassed heart disease as the top killer in the U.S. Heart disease death rates have drastically declined due to smoking decline, lowering high cholesterol, controlling diabetes, lowering high blood pressure, plus better surgical techniques, devices and better drugs to treat heart problems however cancer is on the increase.

Over recent decades, the incidence of cancer has escalated to epidemic proportions now striking nearly one in two men and one in three women. The top 4 cancer killers in order are 1. Lung, 2. Colon, 3. Breast 4. and Prostate. Today, for men and women over half of the new cancer cases and deaths are due to top 4 cancers.

A third of all cancers are related to smoking, and another third are related to obesity, poor diets and lack of exercise and the rest is toxins, germs, and fungus to name a few, however ALL CANCERS ARE PREVENTABLE and REVERSIBLE.

Preventing Cancer

1.Don’t smoke, avoid secondhand smoke. 2. Maintain a healthy weight. 3. Consume a healthy diet and take supplements. Visit for cancer reversing diet and supplements. 4. Exercise 30 minutes each 4 times a week. Any type is good. 5. Limit toxin and sun exposure. Avoid toxic chemicals, do not burn, and use a good sunscreen. 6. Limit alcoholic beverages to 1 drink per day. Alcohol is a carcinogen. 7. Get screened. Mammograms and Pap smears for women, prostate screening for men, and colorectal cancer screening for all adults. 

By following the above 7 basic steps you can prevent cancer.

Reversing Cancer Naturally

If you have cancer please visit my website for my Winning Against Cancer program. An all natural cancer prevention and cancer reversing protocol.

Dr. Kevin Kilday, PhD, Director of Holistic Health Center, 321-549-0711