Holistic Health Center presents a New Program Of Addictions Recovery


A New Outpatient Program of Addictions Recovery

At Holistic Health Center we are now offering a faith based solution to the drug epidemic by using a holistic approach to recovery that provides healing for the Mind, Body and Spirit. It is called “Holistic Addictions Therapy” At Holistic Health Center, we believe that faith can and should play a critical role in your recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. The Bible is a living, breathing book, and has much to say about the struggles we face. We incorporate these biblical teachings with fellowship and support that can give you every chance to enjoy the life you deserve. Healed hearts can become warriors for Christ but you must take the first difficult step and get help.

The problem of addiction is a complicated one.  The issue is rooted in physical, emotional and spiritual causes. Faith plays a significant role in healing the wounds that drug and alcohol addiction have created. Holistic Health Center understands that through faith, miracles happen and lives are transformed. Recovery is not easy but with faith in God, it is within reach for every person who wants to make the effort.

Statistics show that faith based recovery programs and treatment centers are helping people conquer their addictions to drugs and alcohol and are becoming a popular option for those wishing to strengthen their physical, emotional and spiritual health. As a faith based outpatient treatment program, the Holistic Health Center offers freedom from the anxiety, shame and guilt that often drive people back to using drugs and alcohol.

Another important aspect of a faith based recovery center is fellowship with others in recovery. The Holistic Health Center will allow you to share with others traveling the same road, and this fellowship plays a vital role on the journey to sobriety. The camaraderie and shared experiences provide constant support and reassurance that long term sobriety is a realistic possibility.

When taking the holistic approach to the treatment of addiction, the patient uncovers the reasoning for their addiction and are given the knowledge and resources on how to handle it and improve their life without the false aid of their vice. Our goal is to provide Hope and teach the addicted how to live a Godly life, stay sober and become productive citizens again but this time with accountability.

Dr. Kevin Kilday, PhD, Director of Holistic Health Center, Developer of “Holistic Addictions Therapy”. All Natural Solutions for Cancer, Addictions, Pain, and Chronic Diseases. 321-549-0711 or Visit: www.holistichealthcenter.us