Spotlight Feb 2019 Healing Powers of Love


Engaging in loving relationships is an important part of a fulfilled life and a necessary part of healthy and successful living. Being in love enriches our lives and add to our enjoyment to being alive, plus it has great health benefits. Following are results of scientific studies on love.

1. Improves mental health: Being in love makes us feel elated and affects the brain. It increases dopamine brain activity, which is associated with optimism, energy and a sense of well-being. By stimulating the brain’s reward pathway dopamine it reduces depression, anxiety, stress and pain.

2. Improves heart heath: When in a loving relationships you experience less stress, lower blood pressure, which in turn improves cardiovascular health by reducing risks of a heart attack. Compared to their partnered peers, single folks face a 58-66% greater risk of cardiac events.

3. Improves your immune system: Loving relationships give the immune system a boost. Studies found that people who exhibit positive emotions are less likely to get sick after exposure to cold or flu viruses.

4. Improves wound healing: The power of a loving relationship make flesh wounds heal faster. Research has shown wounds healed nearly twice as fast in people with loving relationships.

5. Improves chance of living longer: Studies indicate that loving relationships can help you live longer. Loving relationships ward off feelings of isolation and loneliness which are associated with all-cause mortality (dying for any reason). You live longer because you feel loved and connected.

Simple loving things you can do daily with your partner.
Hug your partner you love every day.
Be more playful and say “I Love You” to your partner daily.
Bring more joy and laughter into your lives each day.
Do an act of kindness for your partner daily.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Holistic Dr. Kevin Kilday, PhD, Director of Holistic Health Center, Specialties: Cancer & Chronic Conditions, For Appt. 321-549-0711