Spotlight June 2018 Addictions


By Dr. Kevin Kilday, PhD, D.PSc

Due to the continuous rise of drug addictions (opioids, alcohol, heroin, cocaine, medications) in the U.S. to epidemic levels, people may ask “why is it getting worse?” I believe it is lack of education of what devastating effects it has on you, your family, your children, and your friends. Remember people who use drugs with you are not your friends or your family. Plus it is a lack of effective recovery programs. Following are some suggestions to help with the complex issue of addictions. Try them. They work.

1. Find a Medical Doctor familiar with addictions to gradually withdrawal you from drugs.
2. At the same time of withdrawing, use nutrient replacement therapy to replace nutrient deficiencies caused by addictions which will help with withdrawal symptoms.
3. As the drugs are stepped down in increments, the replacement therapy is stepped up in increments. To start, take suggested supplements with each meal (3 x daily) At least for 30 days or until the withdrawal symptoms have diminished.
4. Suggested supplements: Multi Vitamin, Amino acids (l-glutamine, l-tyrosine, l phenylalanine), Vitamin C, Fish Oils, Magnesium, Probiotics. Milk Thistle
5. Seek addiction counseling services to identify deep rooted reasons for your addiction.
6. To reduce the risk of relapsing, get phone numbers of people with a sustained long recovery time (at least a year) and call them on a regular basis. Get to know them. Remember this one thing because it works everytime. PICK UP THE PHONE AND TALK TO A PERSON IN RECOVERY BEFORE YOU PICK UP ANY DRUG.
7. Improve your relationship with God and seek a Church with a Celebrate Recovery Program.

This article is only an outline for a Holistic Approach to Recovery and there are other things to consider such as a particular diet for recovery, effective mild exercise, proper supplement dosages, help with cravings, where to go for help. Call Holistic Health Center 321-549-0711 for an appointment with Dr. Kevin Kilday, PhD, D.PSc who has over 20 years experience with addictions.