Stress, Depression and Addictions Increase During Holiday Season – There’s Help

Holiday stress affects both men and women, young and old, physically and mentally. The accumulated demands of shopping, parties, traveling, family reunions, family separations, and house guests contribute to an increase in stress, addictive drug use (we are in an Addictions epidemic) and depression during the holidays.

Stress is a major driving factor behind addictive behaviors and one of the leading causes of relapse in recovering addicts especially during the increased number of social gatherings that occur during November and December.

Emotional disappointments, physical reactions caused by excess fatigue and stress, family resentments, the loss of love ones, trying to stay sober or being chronically ill can cause and intensify holiday depression. Hospitals report increased mental health emergencies and overdoses during and after the holidays.

As you can see there are close associations between stress, addictions, and depression. Here are suggestions that will help.

1. Get help now If you think you are addicted and have cravings then you are addicted. There are no other ways to put it. You are in a life or death situation. Call us 321-549-0711

2. Get help now if you find yourself feeling down for a sustained period of time. Depression is a real illness. Call us 321-549-0711

3. Spend time with supportive, caring people. Reach out and talk to a close friend or family member, your minister or spiritual adviser, your physician, or a professional counselor.

4. During the holidays try to prioritize, organize your time, pace yourself, get substantial sleep 7-8 hours (it rejuvenates and heals the body).

5. Go outside and walk 20 minutes. Exercise decreases depression and the effects of stress.

6. Spend some quiet time with God, Pray., let go of the past, embrace the future, remember what family, friends and the season is all about. LOVE

Dr. Kevin Kilday, PhD, Director of Holistic Health Center, Pastoral Counseling, Addictions, Alternative Cancer Solutions, Nutrition  Call 321-549-0711