Most of us have heard about personality types A and B but let’s review a little. Research has established a relationship between personality type and susceptibility to heart disease. People with personality type A seem to be more prone to heart disease, are typically more driven, impatient, energetic and ambitious. In contrast, people with personality type B, seem to take life more slowly, are usually more relaxed and less likely to develop heart disease.

Psychologists have now identified a “type C.” (cancer-prone) personality. Type C persons are unable to solve problems. When relationships are crushed, circumstances go sour, or goals become unachievable, these people react by sinking into a depression of helplessness and hopelessness. Type C people are highly prone to cancer. Researchers have found 3 characteristics of the Type C personality. The first is a feeling of loss, either loss of a loved one or loss of hope, particularly about the meaning of their existence. A second is the suppression, or repression, of emotions. The third is loneliness. Such people tend not to have close friends.

All three characteristics could be nicely resolved if such individuals would come to God and find in Him the encouragement, the forgiveness, and strength they need to meet life’s difficulties. A strong trust in God and peace in Him is the solution. Man innately knows that he cannot solve his own problems; he needs God! Only in Him can we find the strength and courage to press forward. Only then can we be genuinely happy amid life’s problems. Read God’s Inspired Word—the Bible— everyday, and be happy, contented, thankful, and helpful to others. This is a powerful weapon to achieve good health.

Dr. Kevin Kilday, PhD, Founder of Holistic Health Center, Developer of the “Winning Against Cancer” Program,, 321-549-0711 for appointments