Before any decision is made about treatment of cancer the patient needs to gather all treatment options, both conventional and alternative methods. However practitioners of conventional medicine are in the majority and patients are well informed about surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Conventional medicine believes that anything that removes or reduces the tumor is good, even if it weakens the body in the process. Although there have been some notable improvements in chemotherapy and radiation technologies, studies show these approaches actually cause cancer. Many patients, however, are not aware of alternative (Holistic) therapies.

Alternative (Holistic) therapies include nutritional supplements, diet changes, detoxification, lifestyle changes, plus nutritional-spiritual-and/or emotional counseling. Holistic therapies address the whole person (mind, body, spirit) where true healing takes place. Alternative practitioners believe that anything which helps the body naturally eliminate the tumor is progress and this can be accomplished holistically.

The decision to take alternative or conventional treatments is your responsibility. It is never the choice of a doctor, health advisor, or author. It is your body and anyone who tells you what treatment to take instead of providing information about all your treatment options and letting you decide, is abusing their position.

Smart patients are consulting with family, friends, and their spiritual advisors before making any final treatment decisions. They are making treatment decisions at home alone in a relaxed, pressure-free environment without anyone around to make the decision excessively emotional and with all their information at their fingertips. People with cancer have two very fundamental rights — the right to know and the right to choose.

 Holistic Dr. Kevin Kilday, PhD, Director of Holistic Health Center, developer of the Winning Against Cancer Program at www.holistichealthcenter.us   321-549-0711