Spotlight Jan 2018 Health Resolutions


Now’s the time when many of us review our lives. With good intentions we try to set goals for the coming year. Health must be the top priority. My dad use to say “if you got your health you got everything.” Even a rich person can’t have peace or enjoy life. Good health by far is wealth.

Here are my top 5 healthy resolutions:

1. Eat healthier: for general overall health and disease prevention. I have found 3 diets I favor the most: a strict Vegetarian diet such as the Hallelujah diet, if you like some red meat (grass fed only) try a Mediterranean diet, or if you want to live a long life to maybe 100 and like fish try the Okinawa diet

2. Quit addictions: smoking, alcohol, prescription or street drugs. They all have a devastating effect on health, marriages, family, children, friends, and jobs. Holistic medicine (rebuilding mind, body, spirit) is the most successful recovery. Call Holistic Health Center for Help

3. Simple exercising: walking 20 minutes every other day or rebounding. Rebounding (an inexpensive mini-trampoline about $50) is one of the simplest, least time consuming (5 minutes equals 15 minutes of running) and most beneficial (increases lymph flow and blood circulation, strengthens cells, burns calories and fat, easy on joints, and helps all internal organs (just to name a few)

4. Get more sleep: A lack of sleep has been linked to obesity, diabetes, mood disorders and more.

5. Make more time for your family: If you are a husband and wife with children it’s unacceptable for a spouse to work 75 to 100 hours a week. Do you want to spend your golden years asking your spouse “How were my children growing up?” Family times are precious. Spend them wisely.

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